Mostly stress, adrenaline rush becomes bad, creates tension and you may not be able to handle the situations at hand and at times, in the absence of the stressor, you are unable to return to a relaxed state. Whereas good stress provides an opportunity for creativity and growth, bad stress reduces productivity and creativity.

Anxiety is a normal emotion. Everyone feels anxious now and then. For example, you may hurry; worry when faced with a problem at work, entrapped in traffic jam, before taking a test, loss of money-statusor relations or before making an important decision. Mostly this acute phenomenon is short lived, however left un-attended it results chronic anxiety or depression, headaches, sleep disturbances, decreased confidence, conflicts, panic attacks. It does affect quality of life, immunity, associated with co-morbidity like obesity leads to diabetes, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, lipid- cholesterol abnormality and predisposes to heart and brain attack.

Present life styles increasingly making things tough, more complicated and chronic. Most of such persons make deep involvement and attraction to the worldly things, inter personal relations and are entrapped in self-woven cob web. It is always important to check stress in its initial stages and be a stress buster; increasing your stress reserve.
There are many treatable causes of learning disabilities and disorder. In good number these may not be cured but, addressed to a beneficial future.