Dr. Suresh Kumar Bansal

Dr. Suresh Kumar Bansal DM NEUROLOGY 1985 after doing his medical graduation with distinction (4 Silver & One Gold Medial) in 1970 qualified MD General Medicine from PGIMER Chandigarh UT India in 1976, Qualified ECFMG from Pennsylvania in 1974, served National Public Health in Himachal 1977-1982 and later qualified DM Neurology from PGIMER. There after joined PGIMER Neurology faculty till 1994 as Associate Professor.


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World health organization fellowship


NIH Maryland USA 1993

He published three dozen of scientific papers in International / National journals; presented similar number of research works in India, USA, Europe, South Africa, Scandinavia and contributed chapters in five medical sciences books of excellence. He wrote books on water & electrolytes and preventive medicine; and despite busy clinical schedule taught doctors online; aspiring PG residency in India & abroad.


Fellowship of Indian Academy of Neurology

FIAN by Indian Academy of Neurology IN 2020. Apart from his keen interest in disorders like headache, Vertigo, epilepsy – seizures, brain attack (stroke), anxiety – psycho somatic disorders, neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonism, Gate Disorders, medical therapeutics of brain tumour/ injuries; he practices Behaviour Neurology such as attention deficits, learning problems, behaviour – thought and mood disorders, memory loss.


President Indian Association of Age Mnagement

President indian association of age management – ngo for senior citizen welfare 2019-2022, free joshi foundation camps, chandigarh, 25 yr service -bhai kanhya charitable dispensory the patient assessment and clinical diagnosis is made and prioritized from evaluation of complete medical history and examination of the patient's awareness, coordination, movement, sensory abilities, motor skills, cranial nerves, and cognitive functions. Co morbid associated diseases and family history is of great importance. The clinical neurology relates with chamber and online patients, micro surgical, neurology labs,and diagnostic, and treatment.



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