Aging brain and dementia- Alzheimer’s Disease

Aging changes all parts of body including the brain: Certain parts of brain shrink, especially prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, both important to learning, memory, planning, and other complex mental activities. Changes in neurons and neurotransmitters affect communication between neurons. In certain brain regions, communication between neurons reduces because white matter (insulation-covered axons) is degraded or lost. Brain’s blood vessels aging causes reduction in blood flow as arteries narrows with age.

Memory loss triggers:

Memory deficits increases by stress, stroke and or decreased brain blood flow, medical conditions like electrolyte imbalance, hypoglycemia, liver failure, addictions, B12 vitamin deficiency, poor social support, infections, multiorgan failure, hearing or visual deficits.

Diagnostic approach to progressive memory loss

Treatment options of dementia, progressive memory loss


Aging is a physiological degenerative process and can be delayed/ checked by maintaining good health, long walks, ideal weight, 7-8 hours’ sleep, hydration and continue doing mental activities. Retirement is just another day; keep yourself active, vigilant and involved in inter-personal relationships. Use brain to its fullest for new learning and utilize your immense horizonal and vertical experience. Use it or lose it- take high fibre Mediterranean diet – minimising HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY.

Domiciliary care

Domiciliary care is preparing meals. general housekeeping, – such as cleaning and doing laundry. bathing and administering personal care. dressing. Righteously dementia is like fighting a lossed war, but in strong Indian Family System- things work out for good. Those carrying activities of daily living independently, need ways of outdoor transportation, financial, other legal guidance and assistance. Care taker and family need to know the disease process , accept senior citizen’s changed thinking, feelings and behaviour.

Medical Intervention

there are many drugs available , which started early works like a stich in time saves nine. Palliative measures at home, follow ups with neurologist, dentist, orthopaedic, psychologist with family counselling is helpful. SDH or NPH are cured with brain surgery.
I do feel knowledge of senior citizens with wide horizontal and vertical experience should be tapped by re-employing them part time for nation building.