Online Consultation: Procedure

Online consultation is preferred only for those patients who have already been seen in my OPD chamber and are unable to come because of any reason OR for those wishing to have a second opinion. Following are the steps to be undertaken for it.

1.    Call on the mobile phone   9417385268 or 9888818386 between 9AM to 6PM and check the available time slot. Pay the fee on Paytm or on Google-pay and upload the previous medical record on the Wordsapp. It will be of additional use to send a video of the patient of 2 minutes along with.

2.    Going through the medical records Dr Bansal will assess and discuss diagnosis and condition with patient or attendant on phone or video to observe patient or to clarify more information about disease, investigation or treatment.

3.    This will be followed by the Doctor’s medical prescription, opinion.

4.    Online consultation charges are valid for one clarification online within another 3 days

5. Sunday Clinic Residence House No. 29, Sector 8, Panchkula. From 11 to 2 pm. With prior appointments. Appointment only with advance fee payment, Rs. Rs.2000 First consultation is valid for 4 days (free consultation can be availed within 4 days at Chandigarh Clinic). Follow up fee Rs. Rs.1500/- once appointment can be rescheduled without any additional payment. The money can be refunded by cancellation within a week. After 40 percent cut there.

Online appointment